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September 6, 2008

Inaugural Post and the Shape of Things to Come

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Welcome to the department of counter-propoganda.  In the last five to ten years libertarianism and it’s bastard children have grown in popularity as alienation and greed overtake the better angels of our nature.  Selfishness has replaced virtue, madlib thinking has replaced ethics, and instead of reasoning truth this new fauxlosophy is all ad-hoc rationalizations of predatory capitalism.

To understand this new age barbarism we must look at the “luminaries” of this ideology.  We have social darwinists like Murray Rothbard.  Self-important economists like Milton Friedman (and son David), Friedrich Hayek, and Ludwig von Mises.  Would be cult leaders Ayn Rand and Stefan Molyneaux.  Failed philosophers such as Robert Nozick,Benjamin Tucker, and Max Stirner.  All the way to loud mouthed malcontents from Ron Paul to Francois Tremblay.

So here I am standing up against the moral bankrupt and intellectually vapid movements of right-libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, market anarchy, and rabid individualism.  For my first few posts I will be re-printing arguments other have made and then I hope to take apart the self-righteous preenings of Stefan Molyneux and then dive headlong into a philosophical critique of this fatalistic fad.

So until then check out the links to the side and don’t spare the hate-mail.


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