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September 24, 2008

Addendum to Previous Post

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In my previous post I presented a bevy of articles with the theme “Why I am not a Libertarian”.  Since that time a few links have come to my attention and so I’m adding them as an addendum to last week’s post.  First up is a simple but cute little attack on our subject matter from the Pansexual Peace Party entitled, of course, Why I am not a Libertarian.  On a more serious note we have a very recent blog post by Roy Edroso of Alicublog and the Village Voice entitled “Why I am not a Libertarian and Neither are You“.

As well as the previous critiques that all come from a liberal or moral perspective I present two examinations of the problem of libertarianism from a conservative point of view.  First we have “The Libertarian Lie” by the infamous Jonah Golderg of The National Review.  A more recent take on the subject is Libertarianism: A Home for Conservatives?” by Robert Locke of the American Conservative.


September 17, 2008

Why Are They Not Libertarians?

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Instead of taking our cue from Bertrand Russell we’ll be looking into why others have rejected Libertarianism. Of course those who find other systems superior reject it; but we’re going to be looking at blog posts, articles, and pages that specifically address the issue of why they are not libertarians. So without further adue here are those that answer that simplest of questions.

Why I Am Not a Libertarian from Daylight Atheism
Part I: The Dilemma of the Commons
Part II: Positive & Negative Liberty
Part III: Opportunity & Obligation

Why I Am NOT a Libertarian

Why I Am Not a Libertarian

Why I Am Not a Libertarian from The Ethical Spectacle

Why I Am Not a Libertarian from a student at the University of Wisconisn

Why I Am Not A Libertarian from the Chesterbelloc Mandate

Why I Am Not A Libertarian

Why I Am not a Libertarian by No Right Turn

Why is Libertarianism Wrong?

What’s the matter with Libertarinism?

and  I’m Still Not a Libertarian

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