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September 24, 2008

Addendum to Previous Post

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In my previous post I presented a bevy of articles with the theme “Why I am not a Libertarian”.  Since that time a few links have come to my attention and so I’m adding them as an addendum to last week’s post.  First up is a simple but cute little attack on our subject matter from the Pansexual Peace Party entitled, of course, Why I am not a Libertarian.  On a more serious note we have a very recent blog post by Roy Edroso of Alicublog and the Village Voice entitled “Why I am not a Libertarian and Neither are You“.

As well as the previous critiques that all come from a liberal or moral perspective I present two examinations of the problem of libertarianism from a conservative point of view.  First we have “The Libertarian Lie” by the infamous Jonah Golderg of The National Review.  A more recent take on the subject is Libertarianism: A Home for Conservatives?” by Robert Locke of the American Conservative.


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